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Industriepark „Alte Strasse“ Oftringen

Attractive plots for industrial and trading companies from the technology, pharmaceutical and medical engineering branch

Oftringen / Aargau

The optimal location for your enterprise

The future industrial park “Alte Strasse” Oftringen on an area of 43’000 m2 is located in close vicinity to the main hub of highway number A1 and A2 and the railway lines North-South and East-West.


Outstanding location factors :

  • Synergies with established industrial and trading companies (e.g. pharmaceutical, chemical, machinery, suppliers etc.)
  • Proximity to the talent-pool of the advanced technical college of North-West Switzerland (Olten, Brugg-Windisch)
  • Advantages from the Aargau high-tech-strategy and its various initiatives
  • Optimal transport connections. Oftringen is the traffic cross-way of Switzerland
  • Residential and recreational region. Well living in Oftringen.


The area is eligible to industrial and trading enterprises operating in the technology, pharmaceutical , medical field etc. It is not suitable for businesses creating a heavy volume of traffic such as pure trading or logistic companies without production or shopping centres. 



Wirtschaftsförderung Oftringen Zofingen

Andreas C. Brändle

 +41 62 922 66 00

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