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Aeschbach-Quartier Aarau AG

Lively area for residential and commercial use in the neighborhood of the railway station

Aarau / Aargau
Buchserstrasse 27
mixed use

District of Aeschbach


The district of Aeschbach in Aarau is centrally located near Aarau main station and consists of 45'000 m2 ground area, which allow an exploitation of approx. 80'000 m2 of gross floor space.


In June 2010 the re-zoning of the former industrial area into a mixed zone consisting of living, leisure and office space, was accepted by a great majority of voters.


Mobimo launched the planning phase for a vibrant live and work district that will be characterized by a great diversity of inhabitants, visitors and working people. The new use of the Aeschbachhalle will contribute a large share with the desired effect of becoming a new “village square”.


Through the following link you will get access to the homepage of Aeschbach district offering condominiums, rented apartments and special townhouses for people from the area: