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Your Service Center for all enquiries about Switzerland as a location and its real estate market.

Everyone interested in the Swiss Market and Swiss real estate must have access to answers to a number of questions; for example, questions regarding the quality of a specific location: which location is attractive and meets my requirements? Investors must be able to evaluate and objectively rate attractive alternatives for investment. Which property best suits my investment strategy? Is the decisive issue here. It is essential to be familiar with the structure of the market and the current participants in order to move professionally within the Swiss market: what organisations and which exponents of the Swiss market must I be acquainted with?

Should you already be successfully established in the Swiss market, the following concerns will be important to you: How do I develop a project efficiently? How do I acquire optimum financing? Where do I find support in marketing - how do I attract serious tenants or buyers? Which Swiss personality would be most suitable to be a member of the Board of Directors for my Swiss branch?

Swiss Circle will assure you competent support; we know the Swiss market in depth and help you to find rapid answers to your questions. Our possibilities to support your marketing activities are shown in the Swiss Circle Marketing Wheel on the right side. Contact us at: info@swisscircle.ch


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